About Jay and Tim!

Hello, we are Jay and Tim, and we are grateful to say we are successful Affiliates! From the moment we were introduced to Affiliate Marketing, it has been a part of us. But, like most other success stories, the beginning was real bumpy.

A Little About Us

We have been doing affiliate marking for about 3 years, and for the first 2 years we have been running into a lot of dead-ends. We have tried many training and tactics that just led us to be even more broke from when we started. We knew it was something we were missing; something else we needed to do, but didn’t know who, what, or when. It wasn’t until one day that our research and good faith led us to this website that changed our life forever.

Now we have a new list of goals, and one of the goals is to help people make their dreams into reality without having to go through what we did. We are very passionate with guiding people to establish their dreams. We understand frustration, failure, and road blocks. We also understand with the right tools you can get pass any obstacles. It is an amazing feeling to check those items off our list, it is an even greater feeling helping others check items off theirs.

The goal of this site is to turn optimistic, hardworking people into successful Affiliate marketers, and business owners. Knowledge is free but without the proper guidance it can be extremely hard to conquer your goals. There is a lot of false information out there which is leading people to not understanding what is truly involved in affiliate marketing. Our tools and skills were gained from an amazing community, and today we are going to share all the hidden information you seek to be successful here on this life-changing website for free!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Jay and Tim


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Hello, we are Jay and Tim, and we are best friends that have become Wealthy Affiliate Marketers together as a team. We started from the very bottom, and worked very hard to get here. Now we want to help others accomplish their goals in becoming Wealth Affiliate Marketers as well, without having to go through the obstacles we had to.

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